The international workshop on racism, migration and refugee problems will take place in the socio-cultural center ZORA. The ZORA-Caf is a meeting point for young people from Halberstadt and its surroundings. We will have the great possibility to use all these facilities for our own project.
The ZORA association was founded in 1991 to provide young people the opportunity to work on their own ideas and make them come true.
ZORA is located in a 400 year old warehouse which now offers the opportunity to hold rehearsals for theater projects and bands, to develop photos in a photographic laboratory, to cut films and make printings in a silk-screen office.

ZORA is in the city of Halberstadt which is located in the center of Germany in the region of Saxonia-Anhalt/ Sachsen-Anhalt. In the outskirts of the city formerly army-barracks are now used as a centre for asylum seekers (dt.: Zentrale Anlaufstelle fr Asylsuchende- ZAST).
We are already in contact with the foreign commissioner of the town who will hopefully help us to work together with the asylum seekers. Due to the fluctuations in the ZAST we are not able to plan actions in advance. Our contact will be spontaneous.