The proposed plan for the three week camp is only rough because we still want to decide a lot of things with you.

First week: Seminar

  • Introduction. Looking at society and at ourselves.
  • Theoretical aspects of racism, migration and refugee issues.
  • Coming to terms with ones own feelings of alienation.
  • Role-plays, games, discussions, films and hopefully lectures.

Second and third week: Workshops

In the second part of the camp we will work in small groups (workshops) and creatively interpret the conclusions of our theoretical discussions. This creative part will probably include a theatre-workshop (eg. improvisation, new forms of theatre), a workshop on art in public spaces (street art) and a workshop in which we will make a film documentary about the process and results of this camp. It may also be possible for you to make your own short film about these topics which can later be used by you or other organisations. Although we have a trainer for each workshop you will be able to realize your own ideas. At the end of the camp we would like to present our work in the centre of Halberstadt.

What else?
  • We plan an exchange and/or shared leisure time with asylum seekers who live on the outskirts of Halberstadt in a housing program called ZAST.
  • We want to be actively present in the city of Halberstadt to make people aware of our issues (for example interviews, public theatre…).
  • Everybody will be invited to our regular international tea-hour for exchange and relaxation.
  • In the end you are invited to organize a big party for all our guests and people living in Halberstadt.
  • Naturally, we look forward to fun leisure time: swimming in a lake nearby, bicycle tours, movies and so on…. .You will be able to plan your own free time!!!