The opportunity to speak and be heard is necessary to overcome the feeling of being a stranger. Besides the lack of a common language the unwillingness to meet the unknown leads to alienation. The contrary is an endless process which sometimes costs great effort. In a structure of silent majorities we want to initiate this process. There aren't enough possibilities yet for young people to think about, discuss and be creative when facing these problems. In many places all over the world, including Halberstadt, it is very difficult for young people to stand up for tolerance or to act against a certain kind of right-wing mainstream, especially if there are no public protests against racist acts or statements. Young people are used to accepting what they see without interventing. They are raised not to see and not to hear. That's why our main intention is to make people aware of the problems mentioned above. We'd like to show them ways of constructive protest and hopefully help form a much more tolerant, well-ballanced and active society!

-To use ART and CREATIVITY to come to terms with ones own feelings of alienation and to make people aware of these issues -To stand up against racism -To reflect and to discuss critically different kinds of international phenomena such as migration, racism and refugee problems -To practice tolerance and to minimise prejudice -To encourage people to act courageously against all kinds of intolerant or racist behaviour